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The SUNDAY SOMEWHERE incredible story begins with the brand’s name itself.

SUNDAY SOMEWHERE is a ‘State of Mind’, it’s about the present, being yourself and doing what makes you happy. It’s about embracing the individuality and curiosity in us all. The desire to express ourselves through our own style, experiences and attitudes. Being spontaneous and never taking life too seriously.

Whether you’re socialising with friends, escaping from reality or taking time alone, Sundays are a time to live in the moment.

It’s a powerful and evocative feeling, one which everyone around the globe can associate with.

Sunday hits the ‘pause’ button.

The ‘space’ bar,

The ‘ESC’ key.

Forget what Tuesday wants, what Wednesday did,

What Thursday told Friday about you

And what’s important on Monday doesn’t matter on a Sunday.

Sunday, Somewhere is a state of mind.

On your terms.

And in your time.

Wake up when you want to,

Where you want to,

With whom you want to.

Sunday, Somewhere is an invitation.

To go completely off the map.

Off the radar,

Off the charts.

To explore an uncharted corner of the world.

To reflect, to see things fresh, to discover and daydream,

And find yourself saying that most contented phrase ‘I’m not in any particular rush.’

Because Sunday doesn’t care what time it is.

So long as it’s still Sunday.

My Sunday, Somewhere.

Photo credits: @dontbeafool wearing HARPER in Amber